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Paver Patios

paver patio cincinnati

Paver Patios

At Cincinnati Patio Paving we specialize in the installation and design of concrete and brick pavers for patios or pathways using slate, rock concrete and mulch. A paver patio or pathway adds charm to any garden or backyard. Unlike a generic sidewalk, walkway or poured concrete porch, brick laid paver stones are designed to catch your eye and compliment your landscaping. A beautifully laid paver stone area in your yard is inviting as well as eye catching and can complement your own personal space as well as increase the value of your home. 

Brick, concrete or stone patio pavers bring many advantages to your personal space. Ease of maintenance and durability are just a few of these. It makes sense that so many Cincinnati area residents encourage the use of pavers to improve their outdoor area. When it comes to designing and installing beautiful patios with pavers, most Greater Cincinnati Homeowners trust Cincinnati Patio Paving for all their paver installation needs and services. We provide not only the installation of paver patios, but will also design the perfect outdoor space for you to enjoy for years to come. 

Concrete Paver Patios

Pavers made out of concrete are very attractive and will add a sense of charm to your outdoor space, however, they are also durable and last very long. If you are planning on improving the way your outdoor patio looks, then there’s no better option than to have a paver patio installed for you. With many designs and colors to choose from, Cincinnati Patio Paving will be able to install a fully designed paver patio of your choosing. Many concrete pavers also come in a faux brick or stone design that still have the wearability of concrete pavers. 

Stone Paver Patios

Nothing quite increases the elegance and appeal of a backyard patio like a real stone paver patio. These stones are hand picked by our crew to seamlessly fit together and offer the most appealing patio space imaginable. Because natural stone is very long lasting, they can withstand extreme temperature changes, heavy foot traffic and have a natural resistance to water. Stone pavers are also not difficult to replace when and if there they become damaged. You can use your imagination to design a stone patio to your liking, show us a design that you like, or have Cincinnati Patio Paving design your paver patio for you. Stone pavers are available in many different shapes, sizes, patterns, textures and colors. We have many types of stone to choose from, including sandstone, limestone, bluestone and granite. 

Patio Paver Installation in Cincinnati, OH

No other patio paver contractor will provide you with our decades of experience in the hardscape industry, has a qualified team of installers and designers or provides you with a beautifully designed and guaranteed paver patio and that’s our commitment to you. 

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