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Cincinnati Patio Paving

Cincinnati Patio Paving

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When you are looking outdoors and wondering why you don’t spend more time enjoying it, perhaps it’s because you don’t have a patio that you would enjoy lounging on. If you want to spend more time outdoors, why not call on Cincinnati Patio Paving to provide you with a lovely new patio that you will enjoy lounging on. We offer the best pavers for patios. Our residential pavers are sure to please even the most discerning homeowners. When you want a patio paving company that can produce something truly unique to your home then we hope you’ll consider relying on us for your patio paving installation needs.

About Us

We are a well-established patio paving company in Cincinnati, OH. We are the preferred and most widely used patio paving company in the area. Many of our contractors have worked in the construction industry for as long as we have been around. With our patio paver restoration services, we make old patios look new again. Rather than spending money that they do not have to spend, we make it possible for our customers to keep some money in his or her pockets by improving the appearance of their patio with stone, brick, and flagstone pavers.


We work closely with homeowners to identify the type of paver that compliments their home the best. Once we have settled on the type of pavers that interest them the most, we develop a design plan that they sign off on. We have an award-winning team of professional designers, which makes it possible for us to present patio paving ideas that our customers are sure to like.

professional paver stone walkway

Paver Stone Walkway

When you are looking for something that will add some curb appeal to your home then consider a paver walkway. With our paver walkway installation services, we can provide your home with instant curb appeal. Our brick paver installers can produce a walkway that you can be proud of. Regardless of the size of your walkway, we’re sure that we can find pavers that you will like.

patio paver stone repair

Patio Paver Stone Repair

Our patio paving services also include patio paver stone repairs. Our patio stone installer knows that they must take their time to ensure that the repairs are made effectively. Our stone patio paving services are preferred but so are our brick patio stone repair and stone patio repair services. There is no doubt who you can rely on when you need patio paving work of any type performed in Cincinnati.

“We had a patio build and unfortunately our patio was starting to come apart. After receiving a recommendation to hire Cincinnati Patio Paving to restore the appearance of our patio, we called them. After receiving a reasonable quote, we hired them. We’re so glad that we did because they did a fantastic job!” – John J.

Stone Patio Design & Remodel

There are plenty of patio paver companies in Cincinnati for you to choose from but none are as reputable as we are at Cincinnati Patio Paving. Whether you need large patio pavers or small pavers, we are happy to provide them to you. We are confident in our ability to present you with stone patio design ideas that you are sure to like. If you can’t find what you want for your patio here then you won’t find it anywhere.

stone patio design & remodel

Stone Retaining Walls

Our patio paving professionals can also provide you with a lovely stone retaining wall. Don't take unnecessary chances with soil ruining your landscaping, call on us, and let us build a retaining wall. We offer boulder and stone walls, block retaining walls, and so much more. Let us show you how beautiful your retaining wall can look when you rely on qualified paving professionals.

professional stone retaining walls

“Our retaining wall was crumbling and causing is all sorts of concerns. We eventually had it taken down but hired Cincinnati Patio Paving to build a new stone retaining wall. The wall was stunning and it was far less expensive than the previous wall, which was a disaster. I highly recommend this service for the quality work that they do.” – Arnold R.

paver installation near me

Paver Installation

Indeed, pavers are not difficult to install but they can be challenging if you have never done it before. Also, if you want long-lasting benefits, it is best to allow paver patio contractors to install it for you. They have the skills and qualifications to properly install pavers of every type. To ensure a seamless installation, call on our professional paving experts in Cincinnati. We will offer you paving services within your budget.

flagstone landscaping near me
paver patios cincinnati

Flagstone Landscaping

When you need someone to install your landscaping flagstone pavers, you have come to the right place, Cincinnati Patio Paving. We have installed hundreds of flagstone for our customer's landscaping. We will start by creating a design that you must first approve of before we begin our process of installing your flagstone. If you require repairs to your existing flagstone, we have the expertise and the equipment needed to make the necessary repairs.

Paver Patios

If you're been considering re-landscaping your outdoor area, nothing will provide a better aesthetic than a brand new paver patio. A beautifully designed and installed paving stone laid area will improve the look and feel of your backyard. Choose from many different designs of paver stones and layouts and trust the professionals at Cincinnati Patio Paving to install it right the first time.

“There was only one paver installation company that we would ever consider and that is Cincinnati Patio Paving. They have installed all of our patios and we continue to recommend their services to friends and family. Since they offer such amazing designs and pricing, we continue to recommend their services. If you are looking for an affordable paving company in Cincinnati, you can’t go wrong with these guys.” – Gary T.

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There is no doubt about who the preferred patio paving professionals are in Cincinnati, Cincinnati Patio Paving. We have received the necessary training and have the skills and qualifications needed to offer our customers the quality of service that they deserve. Regardless of the size of the work that has to be done, we assure you that we can give you what you’re paying us for. Don’t hesitate to call us to get started on your patio paver design today. We won’t let you down.


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